[FANCAM] JUNO & Junsu swayin ^^ – JS FM at Toscana jeju !

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[PICS] 140621 Kim Junsu at Toscana Hotel Opening on Jeju Island

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Credits: XiahDerTod + ning225 + xiaholic0420 + xiahkissmiyol + donnatin + nogumama + figue141 + xia1215day + 3smile_jyj + asikotoxiah + madoka96 + loove_xia + NONSOO_0514 + chick_asu + xiahella…

[EVENT] Part 2 JUNO at JUNSU’S Fanmeet at TUSCANA hotel + fans cute reactions ^^ @juno_japan

        Pretty Junsu and Manly JUNO ♥♡♥♡♥ Fans loves our kim twins cute difference : NOTE : TO THE UN TAG PICS OWNER PLEASE INFORM ME IF U OWN THE… Continue reading

[EVENT] JUNO at Junsu FM in tuscana hotel !! #lookinghunk @juno_japan

At airport juno & junsu CREDITS AS TAG IN THE PHOTOS CR :  @XIAkiss , @SAYURIN SHARED BY : JUNOjunho

[NEWS] 140610 Kim Junsu mourns his grandmother

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[NEWS] 140610 Kim Junsu mourns his grandmother… funeral procession will be in the morning on June 11 JYJ’s Kim Junsu was struck with mourning of grandmother. According to several…

[WEIBO] Kim Junho weibo update ! baseball & baby ?

      baby Dog ~~~~~~~~~~~ 기저귀한 쵸파!ㅋㅋㅋ 둥가둥가 우리~애기~+   매주 시간날때마다 참여하고있는-개그콘서트야구단- 이번 자체경기때찍은 사진을 받았는데 정말 행복한시간을 보내고있다고 다시한번느꼈다.개콘 모든분들 감사하고 또 감사합니다~~^^ _________________________________ KIM jUNHO weibo  Shared by :… Continue reading

[OTHER TWITTER] MAMA Kim Shared a Pics with JUNO !!! #JUNO~~~~ @JUNO_japan !

                                [TRANS] : After a long time we had a delicious meal ~~ with the Juno I’m mulling… Continue reading

[TWITTER] 140602 Kim Junsu Twitter Update: ‘Baseball Prodigy’ Kim Junsu

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[TRANS] After a long time.. I played baseball with hyung. He said that even if he pitches the ball without using his lower body, I won’t hit it…setting my pride on…

[OTHER WEIBO] JUNO past pics with a Chinese Manager in China ~

WEIBO UPDATE BY :  HUEY_YEHUEY_YE 我的好朋友美女Rosanna (@白雪梅BIAS )和帅哥Juno(@金俊浩BIAS )在北京。 ______________________ more past pics of JUNO with a chinese manager ~ ___________________________ SOURCE CREDITS : weibo / @HUEY_YE shared by : JUNOjunho posted by : @AYUxJUNO … Continue reading

[PIC] Past JUNO photo in Japan via Forever with Juno JP site !

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