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Hello to all readers and JUNO-YA’s , me as admin will now leave JUNO shi and JUNOjunhoBlog ,

to all JUNO-YA  i would like to say Goodbye ! as much as I want to continue , I want to reflect on my actions ,

I use this blog (under this name )  commenting on some clash of fandoms thing on other site!! <_<

which been a foul out thing to my co admins, and It came to my mind that it may affect JUNO kuns name…

so .. now Goodbye and thank you for supporting me & JUNO since 2011, and thank you also to

@iamheeroya for teaching me to love JUNO kun ,whenever you are ~ now i’ll take a rest .   hope

everyone will hold tight to our beliefs . I wont say sorry ,just goodbye !






JUNO junho Blog 

Starting August 2014 ,this blog was hosted ( admin ) by @DetoMori now  with@J.Ateamlove  ,

 this blog  was founded by @AYUxJUNO created on April 2012  ! she with some JUNO-YA’s created

blog,tumblr and twitter under the name of JUNOjunhoTeam, in 2011 , later year 2012  ,ayu ,me and j.a met  since

then we provide links and download site for ayu (junojunho) by the name momentomori@4shared & J.aTeamlove

J.A and me was incharge of the download links & dailymotion videos , Ayu was the main blogger and administrator

,but as much as we love her work  for junojunho we together with her decided to removed her as admin

due to her unwanted actions and some issues in her other fandom ,analyzing it and receiving some complains ,

we think that the blog maybe affected by it ,we don’t want to have an unwanted

fanwars and attacks which is unrelated to our blog ,for the

sake of our JUNO shi’s name and juno-ya’s we came to that decision .

this decision was fully suggested by her , she knows whats best for JUNO shi, we still respect her

and admire her dedication for Kim Junho , and besides she’s been so active on this blog

that she deserves a break . Thank you @AYUxJUNO unnie ^_^!


Now it’s me @DetoMori your new admin , ive been an active blogger about ghost sites ,now i’ll 

try to administrate JUNOjunho with J.Ateamlove ,hope for your kind considerations

and support for us and JUNO !  We will try our best to do same formats and ideas of this

blog ! 


founder : @AYUxJUNO ( ex-admin /removed )

co-founder : @DetoMori (new admin)

co-admin : @J.Ateamlove


Hi ! I’m your new Admin @DetoMori , im the co-founder of this blog

iv’e been the provider of the song download links this past years 

,I’ve been chosen to continue this blog ! JUNO-YA ! Hwaiting !

⇔AIM :⇔

This blog was established for JUNO kim junho who debuted in japan under AVEX TRAX , we aim to introduce him to the international fans , we want to provide informations ,news and current events for his fans !