UPDATED:[VIDEO] JUNO at TBS : Sport Danshi 2012 (japan) FULL VID ! @JUNO_japan + RECAP FROM LOVEBYLOVE !

2012 Sports Danshi 最強スポーツ男子頂上決戦 Guest
(Ep. dated 2012-11-21)
TBS Japanese



JUNO was Guest at this show in 2012  ( his appearance start at 15:40 min. )

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BY : 영원히 Bye Bye Bye


So thanks to the lovely Admin at JunoJunho, there finally exists a video for Sport Danshi aka the random (awesome) sports show that Junho went on in 2012 ;___;

I literally had give up on this show but now I’m in near tears cause this was the best Junho era i s t g, this was during Style and when he did the collab with Ayu and just 187 CM AND 78KG OF MUSCLE PLEASE

So in my excitement, I took note of the times he appeared at, so if anyone else would like join me (and the MC of the show) and oogle as Junho exerts himself

15:42-16:15, 17:11-18:01 (OTL), 44:46-45:23, 51:46-51:57, 52:53-52:59, 56:49-57:29, 64:42-64:50 (TONGUE), 67:08-67:14 (taking off his jacket), 67:38-67:43 (OTL), 82:59-84:52 (good lord), 89:11-89:25, 94:21-96:56 (OTL)

Sidenote: Junho DID make it to the top six, but after the pushing/strength game, he hurt himself, so he had to withdraw 😦 Not sure what the injury was but with the amount he used his arms/shoulders, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was his old shoulder injury that acted up :(((((

 163449_1370185351_dinodaTHANK YOU FOR APPRECIATING OUR WORK ! ^^


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