[POST] Junsu dedicates to JUNO & supporting EMPRESS Ki !! ( trans by: @XiaKiss )

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On March 28, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “For his older brother, Kim Moo Young, who is currently filmingEmpress Ki, Kim Junsu sent 300 servings of samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng) to the drama set in Yongin. Kim Junsu thought of the idea himself as he’s a fan of Empress Ki.”

“I wanted to tell my brother to continue working hard until the end, but I’m also personally a big fan of Empress Ki,” said Kim Junsu. “I hope all the staff and actors will be energized for the rest of the filming.”

In reply, Kim Moo Young said, “Thank to my brother, I think I can work even hard during the filming. I’ll do my best until the end and have a good finish.”

Kim Moo Young is said to have greeted each staff member and even distributed the food personally at one point. The staff went back to filming with happy stomachs.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu also sang the OST for Empress Ki.

Photo Credit: Kim Junsu’s Twitter, C-JeS Entertainment


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