[other blog] Empress ki episode RECAP! ep. 21-22 (JUNO)

[other blog] Empress ki episode RECAP! ep. 21-22 (JUNO)

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Meanwhile, Dangkise and Co. were following the blood trails where it stopped right in front of the Royal Bathroom (I’m going to call it like that). Namu, one of Ta-hwan’s bodyguards, were watching them closely…and cut his own palm to make a new blood trail. Ouch!!!


JUNO ‘s name in empress ki as guard is NAMU ~! 

the talking cupboard

Changes can be good but at the same time, it means a new beginning and possibly losing a part of yourself: the old you.

I was happy that Baby Emperor had finally abandon his fear and taking things into his hands, but I realized that I was also afraid; afraid that he would lose his playful self, his innocence, and his smile. Because of that, I spent the weekend re-watching the earlier episodes, just to recall those moments of Ta-hwan during his stay on Daechung Island and the happier moments. I also missed seeing the playful old Seung-nyang, who used to laugh at Ta-hwan’s antics and his tantrums. Ah, maybe it was just my heart’s defense mechanism, considering that we will likely head towards the sadder part, considering that we’re almost at the halfway mark. I’m still hoping, although that hope is getting smaller and smaller, that Empress Ki won’t…

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