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JUNO twin brother of kim junsu members  JYJ ( real name : Kim Jun Ho ) is renamed to Kim Mooyoung , announced a new departure . signed a contract with the agency the same as the younger brother , 

7 am An official of C-JeS entertainment side revealed , “I signed an exclusive contract with Kim Mooyoung ” at call with OSEN. Including the brother Junsu , a company belong which has actors like  Lee Jung Jae , and Choi Min Sik , Junsu and Kim Mooyoung was supposed  to be in  the same office by this C-JeS entertainment


In addition to musical activities kim mooyoung (ZUNO )published a mini- album in China ,and  was into activity in Japan as JUNO  , etc. he also  participate in Junsu ‘s solo 1st album in South Korea ,were  Kim Mooyoung is also exhibited talent on  lyrics writing , and appeared in a drama in 2012 ” good luck of Chi Unsu ” Korean TV drama , was also known starting as an actor .now he has appearance in MBC drama ” Empress Ki ” .

since the contract with C-JeS It is a situation where you only is Kim Mooyoung , which has engaged in a variety of activities , the movement that is deployed has been the focus of attention. C-JeS side revealed ” that it was not yet determined by the activity of other singers and activities . Plans to focus on drama ” Empress ki ” Once ” and to this .






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