[MWAVE] JUNO -JYJ Kim Junsu’s Twin Brother to Change His Name and Pursue Acting!


JYJ Kim Junsu’s Twin Brother to Change His Name and Pursue Acting

JYJ Kim Junsu’s twin brother, Kim Jun Ho, will be changing his name to Kim Moo Young, and pursue acting career in Korea.

Kim Moo Young, who was once an active singer under the name of ‘Juno’ in Japan and China, recently signed a new contract with C-JeS Entertainment, which is JYJ’s agency, to pursue acting.

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment told Newsen on January 7, “Kim Moo Young signed with us recently to further his activities as an actor. He currently acts in MBC’s Empress Ki as a guard.”

About changing his name, the rep stated, “He wanted to change his real name legally, not just to be used as the stage name, and we are in the process of taking steps to do so. We didn’t ask him for the exact reasons, since this is his personal decision.”

“He has talents, but more importantly, he works really hard,” continued to rep. “He always tries to do his best, so please show him your warm support.”

Meanwhile, many other famous stars are signed under C-JeS Entertainment, including Lee Jung Jae, Kang Hye Jung, Choi Min Sik and more.

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