[Admin post] JUNO (Kim Junho) ‘s contract matters !


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admin @AYUxJUNO here! 

read this with open mind ~!

I’ve been informed that JUNO ( kim junho ) – [ 27 ] , contract to his current agency will end by within this year or within a year

(currently not confirmed yet ) , 

the source came from  JUNO_news and Japanese JUNO-YA! who has more access on

juno sites and news …

JUNO ( zuno ) kim junho has two  agency that manage his activities , 1st is BIAS entertainment from CHINA

, were JUNO have an exclusive contract, he debuted as ZUNO were he release his 1st single

 , then next is , he sign a promotional activity contract to Avex trax under rhythm

and zone in 2011 were he debut as JUNO in japan

,avex is the one who produce most of his 4 singles and 1 album  ,

, now ..it’s not cleared yet what agency that JUNO’s contract will end .

but it seems its from avex , (not sure)

but either ways, i hope JUNO will have the best  result in this happenings … 

but personally I want JUNO kim junho to pursue his acting in dramas,

he got the talent on it …

and it comes to my mind that  if JUNO didn’t get any contract and he wont get any activities  ….

i don’t want to cause sadness …but

 the next is Enlistment of JUNO to Korean military service for 2 years ! which i hope won’t come any soon ….



[  NOTE !  ]

this infos are still not solid ,and not yet confirmed by JUNO oppa and his agency ~

japanese sites is so hard to navigate ,

i didnt intend to have make any issue  about this ,just wanna share it to our 

JUNO-YA int’l , i just want every body to be aware to it…

i’ll update more info about this ….

thank you 


source : @JUNO_News_japan 




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