[OTHER TWITTER] 130527 Ping-pong Game with Junsu & Junho and mom !

May 27, 2013 · jyj3.net

Note: Junsu’s mom shared a photo of her and Junho playing table tennis (as above), and retweeted a reply from a fan.

photo junsumomtweet130527.png

@1215theFlySh to @zunoxiahmom: Barefoot athlete Yoon Young Mi~ Incredible~!!! Hehe so who wins? ⊙◇⊙
@zunoxiahmom: Today’s victory?~^^ Junho;Junsu=Junho won, Junho;Mom=Mom won! Now the two sons who have become bitter towards [their] mom~ if [you] want to win against mom, [you] have to strive harder hehe

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