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JUNO-YA! VOL4 rehearsal

photo: 01

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“JUNO-YA! VOL.4 ~ 1st ALBUM” STYLIE “LIVE ~” report

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Event “JUNO-YA! VOL.4 ~ 1st ALBUM” STYLE “LIVE ~” 2013  i t was held on tokyo on first snow ! I think some people were affected while under the influence of snow transport has become a hard , some are  who could not come to the venue, we will deliver a live report from the staff. LIVE, it started about  15 minutes each at the push it twice the first time as well! In the opening video, beginning in the picture I put into the scene, such as JUNO’s shooting from debut until now ! Then, the first track of this time, start with “… even the hair and finger lips ” by JUNO and with JUNO DANCER (TOMONORI, yukkey, KAYO, YUKA) to.!  !
photo: 01

JUNO to stall dressed in glittering costumes and appear black, light purple pen – the venue was drenched. 
And, “Cry” is the second track start directly. Moist venue to sing this song for the first time in a long time.

photo: 02

And it is MC. 
! “Hello everyone ~this is  JUNO ” 
~ “It’s been a long time” fan of this event is the first time in half a year since last July! Because it was an event that will be the first to release an album, and then came all the way in the form of the preparation of this concert LIVE. Next song is    “with” “I Love You” , after he go  for a costume change. . Meanwhile, the image is on the screen! Chorus and the intro of piano – believe you “believe … ~

photo: 03

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そして、次の曲は自身が作詞した「逢いたい」。今回ピアノを担当していただいたTATOO、コーラスはRyohei Matsufuji。この2人は「逢いたい」のアレンジとコーラスにも参加していただいている方々で、歌が披露!

そのまま次はDancer Sessionへ。KEN~Rui~YUKA~yukkey~Kayo~TOMONORIの順番でJUNOダンサーがそれぞれ自身の想いを込めたダンスを披露した後、次は現在日本で放送中のJUNO出演ドラマ「チウンスの開運」の一部分が流れました。ドラマの見所でもあるJUNOの手をつなぐシーン~キスシーンまで公開。キスシーンのときの会場の絶叫ぶりにJUNOも驚いていました。

そして、映像が終わるとそのまま、「Look At Me」へ。

photo: 04

Design of gold has been decorated with white jacket Napoleon, 
Prince JUNO very concept of the street. Cheers of “Prince” “Prince” from the audience is! 
A little shyly, JUNO was singing while enjoying the feeling But I’m happy. 

* some are not translated *
photo: 05

The encouragement of Angkor, JUNO appeared wearing denim T-shirt last LIVE. 
To start in 2013, chose to encore song, I was debuted live at this time “Anywhere” sang a bright future.

photo: 06

 JUNO think
“It gave me the feeling to a high five and to every one a lot of people who will cheer for the first time in a long time, the warmth everyone gave ,is a  energy to give me  will to work harder, more feeling warm …” please continue the support  in 2013 Thank you!

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SET LIST ~ ~… the hair and finger lips also: M1 Cry: M2 MC M3: with ,I Love You: M4 image – to believe you believe … ~: M5 I Want to Meet: M6 M7: beloved (Masaharu Fukuyama)Dancer Session picture drama “good luck Chiunsu” Look At Me: M8 M9: Triangle  love (MEN) (Ijifun & Shinheson) with Taehwa In Young: M10 Everything: M11Encore Anywhere: M12 by staff posted from iPhone 


fan club!

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Today I’ve done a shoot premium JUNO-YA! Were challenged to play various Japanese! Punishment game also failed. . . ((*゚▽゚*) o)) ((o) 
Please look forward to it being delivered so soon! (^ _-) – ☆
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I finished ~ (* ^ ^ *)

Theme: happy (‘▽ `)ノ

After interviews, gym, catch ball, went to the store today Chegoya JUNO in close contact with the “K-POP LAB.” Has been broadcast on Chiba TV TVK. Saitama. Since morning ^ ^
photo: 02

I was eating or making a menu JUNO (^ – ^)

photo: 01

Thereafter, the recording of “K-POP COWNTDOWN” Bunkahoso!

photo: 03

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Since the broadcast to 1/23, (^ _-) Have fun – ☆ then, JUNO-YA! Monthly plan premium! 

I’ve done a live telephone.
photo: 04

Today’s work, finished ^ ^ Have you finished your work as well? Please do take a good rest! 

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