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JUNO and His “STYLE”

I like JYJ’s Kim Junsu. No doubt about it.
And I think it’s natural if I want to know
more about anything related to him, like
his twin brother, Kim Junho. When I know
Junho – or Juno, his Japanese stage name –
has musical activity in Japan, I didn’t jump
right into listening to his music. Only
recently do I have the feeling to do so.

Despite Junsu’s renown vocal ability and
musical achievements, I don’t have any
assumption nor expectation on Juno’s
music. They both different people who are
likely to produce different kind of vocal and

I listen to Juno’s first album “STYLE”,
released on October 17, 2012 under a
Japanese label Rhythm Zone. The album is
of pop genre that consists of 10 songs: 7
slow songs and 3 upbeat songs.
When I start listening to it, my notion
proves me right. I think Juno has a shorter
range vocal and sounds best in middle
notes, while we know Junsu’s voice is
broader in range and can reach higher
notes. But Juno’s sounds more manly. I
catch much less expression from his a-bit-
husky voice and much fewer improvisation.

The first time I listened to “STYLE”, I
thought his voice wasn’t too suitable for
upbeat songs. His sounded a bit weak in
parts that were possible for powerful vocal
or high notes. I hoped something more on
his slow ones. However, contrary to my
expectation, his slow songs mostly didn’t
leave me impressed and were easy to
forget. In both type of songs, I rarely heard
any improvisation in his vocal.
After the second hearing, I concluded I liked
him better in upbeat songs because the
strong beats complemented his voice.
doing so, the songs were becoming more
pleasant and entertaining to listen to. I’ve
also found songs that are my favorites in
the album. “Fate” is the kind of song that
can always play in my head, while “Look At
Me” is the first slow song that I happily sing
along. I’d also add “Everything” in my
favorite list since it appears as an oasis in
the middle of a desert of average slow

What I like from this album is it sounds so
Japanese despite being sung by a Korean.
Most K-singers who try their luck in
Japanese market sing their Korean song
translated into Japanese, so basically it
sounds Korean style. But Juno’s album is
the exception. It is most likely part of his
label’s strategy for Juno to be able to be
accepted by the market. But then again, I
think Juno will be mainly based in Japan
rather than in Korea. So it makes sense.

Being familiar and falling in love with J-pop
first, then with K-pop, my nostalgic ears are
stimulated and my heart warms upon
hearing it.

Writing such less favorable comments have
left me doubtful about myself not having
certain assumption on Juno’s music as I
said before. Having been impressed by his
younger twin’s work, I think, deep down, I
kind of expect something similar from him
at least. But of course, it’s not the case

My little brain has tried to analyze why
Juno isn’t impressive with “STYLE”. Probably
he hasn’t got suitable songs that work well
with his voice or he still needs
improvement in the singing technique. I
can’t be proud of my knowledge in any
singing technique either but my point is I
think he still has much more explorations
to do in his music.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find any
info whether Juno composed or wrote lyrics
of any of the songs in “STYLE”. Otherwise, I
can compare his self-composed songs to
Junsu’s. What I know is he has lent his
lyrics writing skill to Junsu’s solo album in
songs like “Tarantallegra”, “Fever” and “I
Turn Around and Around”. And his lyrics in
“Tarantallegra” is my favorite in Junsu’s
album by far. So he may be more of a
lyricist guy. But it’s interesting and I’m
hopeful to wait for his next musical venture
in the future.

My overall conclusion of Juno’s “STYLE” is it
will not be in my list of favorite albums of
2012 but I still can find time to listen to it
because the Japanese composing style has
helped me like the album in general.

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PS: During finalizing this post, I’ve just
known that Junsu’s digital single “Thank U
For” is released. Juno is the co-lyricist
alongside Kim Jina ^^



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