[INFO] JUNO writes again for Junsu ,the new song “thank u for “

JUNO WRITES LYRICS FOR JYJ AND JUNSU …with jyj’s “mission , xia ‘s tarantallegra and around and around and ,fever also … Now the new single of junsu “thank u for ” !

*some part omitted*

The song ‘Thank You For’ was composed
by producer Shikata and written by Jun-
Su’s brother, JUNO . Sweet lyrics of young
love of a couple are noticed in the song.


Here’s the translation of the song :

Composed by Shikata-san, REO
Lyrics by Juno, Kim Jina


Today snow is shining all over the world
Everyday, excited and waiting for the first

Heaven has given me the most precious

More precious than my white star
Waking up early in the morning to the
sound of the bell ringing

I’ve been waiting anxiously to meet you

Finding a way to go to meet you
Loving the memories of us
White snow is piled up without sound

Pacing the streets more footsteps pound

I would flutter more
That day I had been dreaming everyday

Oh so I came
You and me holding hands, walking down
the street

Memories spent with staring and laughing

You always cuddle up to me
Could not say

Today my heart wants to say I love you

Snuggling under the street lamp that

Your reflection in the transparent-like
glass crystal

Little hands in your pocket
Your cheeks stained red

Flow as a city full of white
Is singing

Sounds over the hearts of the people
come and go

I would smile at night
Nice and anywhere with me OH
Oh you to hug me

You and me holding hands, walking down
the street

Memories spent with staring and laughing

Your innocent smile like a child
Oh I’ll protect you forever
We walked down the street, holding
facing each other again
We created the memories one by one with

Even if there are times when you get tired
sometimes frightened
Do not forget
I’ll be here for you always like today
Forever by your side
This song for you


English Translations by: Ruby
( @rubypurple_fan ) of JYJ3
Source credits to : JYJ3

Shared by : junojunho team