[TWITTER] JUNO twitter updates ~ HAPPY birthday !!! @JUNO_japan

JUNO : I arrived in Japan! It’s been a long time in Japan! (dec 10,2012) 

JUNO : [TRANS] I arrived in Japan! It’s been a long time outside Japan! (^O^)/Everyone… how are you?

[TRANS] Oh! ! 90% of the day is over! I’ll do a little more sleep! Please do your best today everyone! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) RT

[TRANS] I didn’t congratulate people’s birthday because i couldn’t connect to twitter in China! Congratulations on your birthday, although is late! ^^

[TRANS]The latest issue is on sale now! I uploaded a picture of “PATiPATi” magazine series @ bowling, Please visit it! http://j.mp/RmcFfT

[TRANS] I finished the lyrics now! Please look forward to the songs !\(^o^)/

[TRANS] I did hit a mark on the small red in archery, I get two ice cream! GO! GO to the Olympics at this rate!


[TRANS] Jogging! \(^o^)/

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[TRANS] @JUNO_Japan: Leslie-san! Thank you! ! I think I was really glad to have met with Leslie-san! I’m thankful for all the time! o (^ ▽ ^) o
Thank you! RT @lesliekeesuper to @JUNO_Japan: Welcome back to Tokyo! JUNO love to “Congratulations on your birthday! Thank you for always giving a wonderful smile and positive energy to fans around the world !”
Let’s go, we will met and eat again soon! Let’s shoot! http://t.co/mQA79846



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