[TWITTER] JUNO tweets ^o^ with fcmen ~ !

JUNO :  reader_JK @JUNO_Japan昨日の記事が出てたよ!

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JUNO :  In Japan, we  shot here! ♪ (v ^ _ ^) v



with actor

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with FCMEN

with hyunwoo

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with kikwang [ b2st]

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 @JUNO_Japan A picture with Junsu today too! Both of us performed and played soccer Hehe! Although we look tired.. it’s still a happy day! [ @thexiahpaw]

[Via @thexiahpwahttp://lockerz.com/s/263697776 @JUNO_Japan I saw Junsu’s solo performance for the first time today! He performed Tarantallegra well and handsomely. Junsu is still the best!! Hehe! Although today’s soccer match was very tiring~ I’m now listening to Tarantallegra in my half body bath while recalling the moments happened earlier ago.

오늘 준수의 솔로공연을 직접처음봤습니다!Tarantallegra너무 잘하고 멋있었어요..역시 준수는 최고!!ㅎㅎ오늘 공연에 축구에 너무힘들었지만~ 아까 기억을떠올리며 반신욕하면서 Tarantallegra 듣는중^^http://lockerz.com/s/263697776

*sorry for late update~ im still sickTT*


credits : @JUNO_japan

translation by : @thexiahpaw

shared by : junojunhoteam