[TWITTER] JUNO tweets~ >_< the twins in home!part 1 n 2


[OTHER TWITTER] 121104 Junho Twitter Update : Conversations with Junsu


[TRANS] (Conversation with Junsu) It happened a while ago..;Title: Touching Storm (Deeply Moved) Junho: I’m going to Japan tomorrow~! Junsu:(Give a glance while watching the TV)Ah..really?You want me to be with you right??hehe Junho: Hehe You like being together with me when I’m in Korea?! Keke Junsu:(Continue watching the TV and in a completely chic way)Ung..?? I always like to be together with hyung?!ke


[TRANS] Conversation with Junsu (2) 2nd episode (Title: Tears) Junho:(All preparations finished)Hyung-nim is leaving~!!keke Junsu:(lying on the bed)Ung! Good~bye~~!! Junho: Yah! Aren’t you going to come out and send your hyung-nim off!!ke Junsu: hehehe I don’t want to see the look of hyung crying that’s why^^. …………


Credit : JUNO_Japan
Translated by: KimJuno1215
credit source  by : JYJ3

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