[TWEETS] JUNO twitter update ~ his filming…<_<

Please buy 주세요!! 사! (((O(*゚▽゚*) O)))



JUNO :  During filming


JUNO : \ (^ O ^) / RT Mikichan_dog :


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*how sweet >_<*


JUNO : We finished filming today 영화 촬영 끝났 습니다! 졸리 지만 이대로 공항 에 가서 일본 에 갑니다! 오늘도! I went to the airport to go to Japan, but this still sleepy! (((O (* ゚ ▽ ゚ *) o)))


whta are you filming oppa? O_O korea?


JUNO : Aaah i was  Down at the airport 




* oppa O_O …isss that YOU…???????* 



OHHHH mooooooooo……..OMG? 




hmmmm..* thinking* 

anyway ….



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