[ADMIN] admin @AYUxJUNO ~” 本当にごめんなさい “정말 미안 해요. “


TO ALL JUNO-YA! japan and international .

”  本当にごめんなさい “


정말 미안 해요. “

i would like to say that  im so sorry for some JUNO-YA that i haven’t given proper credits

… i post it fast…im always on a hurry ,  because i have lots of other work to do..

i always write that im busy..yes im so busy …. 

i always attempt to leave to blog but i can’t ..TT


. i know credits is important… but every day i struggle to maintain the blog..

every JUNO updates is really hard to find ~ .. im not fluent in Japanese nor English.. , Korean.is really hard ..

i always use Google translate and some other source of translations .

  ..i always forgot to add credits or tags ,sometimes translation .

im in a hurry always…

for that …

IM REALLY SORRY , next post will have a properly credit … really sorry …. ! 

i’m a failure …–o–SORRY