[INFO/TRANS] JUNO will be at FCmen match on JAPAN (NOV 23,2012)


JUNO will play at FCmen match on Japan and he will also perform ..^^ more info belong :

[INFO/TRANS] 120914 Junsu Twitter Update: FC MEN to be in Yokohama on Nov 23


On Nov 23, FC MEN in Yokohama Nissan Stadium has been decided!
Everyone, see you in Yokohama! Let’s have fun (^o^)

List of Participants:
FC Men Roster

1. Kim Junsu

2. Juno (actor/singer)

3. Youngfeel (M.E.N.)
4. TaeHwa (M.E.N.)
5. Jung Jin (M.E.N.)
6. Yoon (M.E.N.)
7. Ji Hwan (M.E.N.)
8. Lee Wan (Actor)
9. So Jisuk (singer/actor)
10. Yong Hwan (actor/singer)
11. Yoon Sang Hyun (director)
12. Im Byonghan (stylist)
13. Yoon Kyonshik (Coach)
14. Choi Yongin (talent)
15. Hyun Woo (MC/Actor)

Others: Changes may occur in the list

Kizuna concert particpants:
1. Yoon Sanghyun
2. Daikoku Danji (The Boss)
3. So Jisuk

4. Juno [ JUNO ] 

5. M.E.N.
6. Nep

Note: Line up may change

Source: 1215thexiahtic + fcmen.jp
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