[Other Twitter] JUNO_STAFF tweets ~^_^ omedatoo !

JUNO STAFF :ヾ(@ ⌒ー⌒ @)ノRT Junozuno0823 :@JUNO_Staff_JP about the album  JUNO-kun , it was advertising at Asahi Shimbun (^ ω ^) ♡

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RT JUNO_Staff_JP JUNO’s the hair and finger lips is ranked 10th in the mu-mo Daily Ranking new song, which began yesterday, “…  People still listen to us ♪ (‘▽ `)

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JUNO_staff: Good morning!! ! Thank you in the future – Thank you very much everyone that is  willing to support the first anniversary of JUNO ‘s debut in Japan on August 31, 2012 (^ _-) – ☆