[NEWS] ASAHI news ” JUNO revealed his Album “STYLE”

Full picture of the 1st album “STYLE” released on May 17, 10 JUNO Revealed!


JUNO is now active on the contents and recording cover photo of his 1st album “STYLE” which is first to be released on October 17 has been published as well as the image character for “Chegoya” home cooking Korean restaurant that  has been deployed in Japan .


 Leslie key photograph the jacket photo .JUNO ‘s  album to be the culmination to be release with  the concept of “colors” ,  red jacket that include background red passionate roses  , jackets and stylish, green, and blue is completed.Appearance of JUNO grown’ve been working as a model in the booklet are clogged.


 About one year, in activities artists will continue to broaden also worked as an actor and model, of course, work now billed as “STYLE” the album title is also music from the beginning to work in earnest move to Japan wide range of types of recorded music seems JUNO’ve been challenged to a lot of things without having to stick to one genre. I’ve worked on the lyrics in Japanese attention for the first time as well, “I want to see you” more.


 we work for the Music Clip ,  in addition to 3 single, also included on the DVD are the  making clips and music clips of “SEDUCTION” “… even the hair and finger lips as well,” a new song. Clips are coming soon “… even the hair and lips finger also.” “SEDUCTION” is just one of the growing expectations of a dance number by since her debut single “Fate”.


 In addition to the CD + DVD, the “Deluxe Edition” of the form (3) the making of the video entitled “JUNO in Korea”, JUNO is to introduce to japan but born on  Korea. the album has a package that was shipped with plenty of photo album with page 48, 


 Fast and a lot. only one year ..JUNO has now an  album “from the debut in Japan, and release of the album was a dream  , I’m so happy. Album a nice idea I’ve packed a lot of really complete, “Please come and listen to my song “





JUNO 10月17日発売1stアルバム「STYLE」の全貌が明らかに!









 DVDにはシングル3作品のミュージック・クリップに加え、新曲「その髪も 指も 唇も…」「SEDUCTION」のミュージック・クリップとメイキング・クリップも収録。「その髪も 指も 唇も…」のクリップは近日公開される。一方の「SEDUCTION」はデビューシングル「Fate」以来のダンスナンバーとのことで期待が高まるばかりだ。


 3形態のうち“豪華盤”にはCD+DVDに加えて、「JUNO in Korea」と題して、生まれ育った韓国をJUNOが紹介しているメイキング映像が40分たっぷり収録。さらに48ページの写真集、チェキホルダのグッズまで同梱した盛りだくさんのパッケージとなっている。




 今週9月2日には東京・亀戸サンストリートで、アルバムリリース予約イベントがスタートする他、全国でも現在開催を検討中。さらに韓国家庭料理「チェゴヤ」のTVCMにも起用されている「その髪も 指も 唇も…」は今週8月29日より着うた(R)・着うたフル(R)の配信がスタートする。